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In 1960 the establishment of “Far-East Communication Training Center” by the Institute of Electronics, NCTU, on the Po-Ai campus with funding support from the United Nations Special Fund (UNSF), not only started the persistent and renowned academic achievements of NCTU in microelectronics, but also seeded the development of semiconductor science and technology of Taiwan vital for the success of modern IC industry. Since then, NCTU was striving to seek and recruit experts and talents of the field from around the world to join the pioneering and R&D works of the center, which later evolved and became “Semiconductor Research Center (SRC),” the predecessor of the Nano Facility Center. Great achievements of SRC include the fabrication of the first transistor and IC in Taiwan, opening the stage for the great prestige of the organization in the international semiconductor arena. The center later received financial supports from both Ministry of Education and National Science Council (NSC) to offer technical support and service for semiconductor processing, and evolved to be the most important and unique cultivation base of this field for Taiwan’s academia.





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