Vacuum Oven



Instrument name Vacuum Oven
Brand Model

Yield Engineering Systems

YES - 5

Purchase Date

1993/3 (A)、1996/4 (B)
Seat Solid-State Electronics Building 1F 120R (TEL:55609
Services Wafer pre-baking and HMDS coating

1.Heaters : 8 ~ 200 W

2.High Capacity HMDS Flask

3.Power Requirements : 115V,60HZ,15A

4.Power Requirements : 115V,60HZ,15A

5.Microprocessor Control

6.Over-Temperature Shut-Off Setpoint 250℃

7.Optional : Vacuum Pump

Open Level

Open Level, Open people

Contact people

1.Maintenance Technician/Operator: Chao , Jerry (TEL:03-5712121-5567055667)

2.Professor:Hou, Tuo-Hung (Alex)    (TEL:03-5712121-54261)

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National Sceince Council

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Research Institute

Commercial Agency

Primary charge(NT$)

1000 1000 1000

The Processes contain photoresist coating, photoresist removing, HMDS coating, mask alignment, exposure, developing and fixation. (Not Including wafer and mask)